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Hi I am Erin. I am 22 Welcome to my blog hope you like it!

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Just your daily reminders:

  • Racists are a problem
  • White people are not
  • Homophobes are a problem
  • Straight people are not
  • Transphobes are a problem
  • Cis people are not
  • Sexists are a problem
  • Men are not

And most importantly,

  • Hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender makes you a fucking asshole

I actually enjoy the fact that this daily reminder is literally on my dash daily. 

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Now are you with me or not?
Oh I am so fucking with you.
I thought you might be.

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girls think having a period sucks but try having to fix your penis discreetly through your pocket 

having the insides of your organs shed and come out through your genitals does not compare to having displaced balls sorry

none of you can do it discreetly anyways

we see you

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I am so fucking afraid of this happening to my parents. It runs on both sides of the family and both of my parents are already showing early signs of it. It’s terrifying. My grandfather has it pretty badly, and it just kills me because he was this big powerful guy who ran a successful business, large italian family with 9 siblings, two marriages, and played on the Yankees but now he can’t even remember his daughter’s name. 

This is one of the worst diseases because it’s like someone’s life gets taken away from them. I hate it. 

It scares me that I’ll probably have it, too. 

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